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We provide a full suite of services to cover the production from start to end

Website Videos

The simple fact is your website is your number one sales person. Seeing is believing so using video on your website will make your digital sales person far more effective and creating emotion and persuading potential customers to engage with your business. If a picture says a thousand words then a video says a million. No one wants to read long passages of boring text anymore, video will bring your products and services to life. Video is also a great SEO tool that will also keep visitors on your website longer therefore improving your Google ranking.

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Social Media Video

Social Media Content is an important part of any business’s digital strategy. Video will play a huge role in reaching your audience and building loyal followers to your brand. We’ve helped a lot of our clients capitalise on the benefits of social media videos by producing video content for Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. We can even help maximise views and engagement with your videos and can manage the whole campaign from production to promotion.

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TV Adverts

Perth Video Productions has years of experience in producing and airing TV commercials. We can handle the entire process from organising the campaign schedule to completed production. Our full service also includes obtaining CAD approval from Free TV Australia and ensuring your TVC is dispatched to the right networks in the correct format. We ensure your television commercial is technically compliant with broadcast quality regulations so it can be aired on all the networks. If you’re interested in advertising on television our network contacts can provide you with a proposed advertising schedule that meets your advertising budget.

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At Perth Video Productions we are experts at awesome animations. We’ve produced a range of highly creative animations in various styles to suit the needs of our clients. From cartoon characters to infographics and kinetic text, our talented team of animators can do it all.

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Corporate Videos

Perth Video Productions have produced corporate video content for many large organizations as well as State Government and leading universities. We understand the storytelling process and combine this with beautiful vision to create corporate videos that entertain whilst delivering important messages.

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Real Estate Videos

Video is the perfect way to visually showcase a beautiful home. Property videos are the perfect marketing tool for both real estate agents and homebuilders. Our cinematic camera techniques will add style and sophistication to your next display home video.

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Event Videography

Let us capture your next live event whether it be a corporate conference, concert or seminar. We can produce exciting multicamera coverage and edits of your events perfect for publishing or archiving. We can even stream your event live on Youtube and Facebook. The latest craze in social media, your next event can now reach an audience of thousands from around the globe who can’t physically attend the event.

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Educational Videos

E-learning videos are a valuable resource for students needing to study course content at their convenience. It’s important that educational videos deliver information in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable to the viewer. We’ve achieved great results for leading Universities combining different techniques such as on camera delivery by presenters, motion graphics and animations. Studies have proven audiovisual information from videos is retained by the brain far longer than information learnt from reading text.

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Aerial Drone Video

Boasting the latest in Drone technology, we can give your next video a birds eye view. Perfect for tourism, real estate and marketing videos.

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Whether it’s for building, product shots or media releases, the experienced photographers from Perth Video Productions can also deliver stunning still images perfect for your website or promotional materials. Equipped with a portable studio our photographers can produce high quality headshots of your staff at your office and even organize models to compliment your product shots. We can also provide aerial photography from our drone so all the angles are covered.

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Scriptwriting is an art form. It’s about understanding the key messages a business wants to convey then carefully crafting them into a succinct and powerful marketing message that will engage and entertain the audience. The script is the foundation of the video so it needs to be solid and well considered. The script writing will also heavily influence stylistic aspects of the video.

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  • “We’ve worked with John Cordova and Perth Video Productions for a number of years to help increase business at the hotel. We’ve used their videos on our website to increase business in all markets and I’d highly recommend them.”
    - Duxton Hotel
  • “We’ve been using Perth Video Productions for a number of years. Their work is always creative, reliable with quick turnaround times and represents us really well. We look forward to working with them again in the future”
    - Pool Spa Outdoor Living Expo
  • “We recently used Perth Video Productions to create video marketing campaigns on Youtube and Facebook. We’re wrapped with the results and would thoroughly recommend their services.”
    - Acton Real Estate Victoria Park
  • “We’ve used John from Perth Video Productions for a number of our corporate videos. John has done an excellent job and we’d like to recommend him.”
    - Viva Photography

From the time we press record to the time you press play, you can expect friendly personalised service and video content you’ll be thrilled with.